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Toronto, Ontario

Exclusive Designs in Lucite® and Metal



The Lucite® Story

Lucite® was introduced at the 1939 World’s Fair and has been part of our cultural and design landscape ever since. Invented by DuPont in 1937, this unique resin transforms from a powder to its signature gloss and can run from opaque to perfectly transparent. Lucite® took top billing during the art deco era and has stood the test of time with its modern aesthetic and unparalleled versatility.

DuPont originally licensed Lucite® for use in jewelry because it was accessible, easy to manipulate and could be manufactured in almost any color. Embedded Lucite® products from the mid-20th Century, including a trend of widely-popular handbags, incorporated glitter, rhinestones and sea shells in their designs; many items from that era are considered treasured collectables today. 

 Lucite® is unique in its ability to have foreign objects, like rock or metal, suspended within it. It is more resilient than glass and crystal and can be used in a myriad of residential and commercial applications, including by the aviation industry which employs the use of Lucite® in its airplanes. 

“We love the durability and versatility of Lucite®,” said co-founder Grace Neal. “It’s rare to find a material that exemplifies both strength and beauty all in one.”

sachaGRACE Lucite®

Each sachaGRACE design is a unique work of Lucite® art. Carefully handcrafted through a meticulous and multi-layered approach, each piece undergoes a process of casting, curing, sanding, and polishing before it ever reaches the consumer. 

“We want to create pieces our customers will cherish for a long time,” added co-founder Sacha Nizami. “Working with Lucite® inspires us to think outside the box and deliver a high-quality product unlike anything you’ve already seen.”

Lucite® Care

Unlike glass, any scratches that may occur on the surface can be easily buffed out by a Lucite® professional.

To preserve the luster and polish of your sachaGRACE design, please clean using only a soft cloth together with a mild detergent or soap and water. Avoid chemicals or ammonia-based products as they may damage the Lucite® surface. 

Surfaces should be dried thoroughly using a soft cloth. Guard against scratches by using a coaster on your Lucite® furniture.

Following these guidelines will help ensure the longevity of your sachaGRACE design for years to come.