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615 Merton Street
Toronto, Ontario

Exclusive Designs in Lucite® and Metal



Grace Neal

Introducing sachaGRACE a new design studio that bridges the timelessness and sophistication of Lucite with innovative and contemporary style. 

Our journey from concept to creation has been a revelation in the diversity, talent and passion of artisans residing just a stone’s throw from our home base in Toronto, Canada.  From fellow rock hunters to glass artists, metalsmiths to Lucite® artisans, we are fortunate to be surrounded by such a gifted community. This process has also reconfirmed for us the beauty in creating handcrafted pieces and underscores how unique that is in this day and age.

Our minds are constantly racing with new concepts and ideas, which occasionally makes it difficult to choose what to craft for our collections. All we know is how much fun we’re having exploring the limits of our imagination and designing and creating beautiful work for you to enjoy.

We’d like to thank our families, supporters, craftspeople, artisans and all the things that have inspired us to create our debut collection.